Services in the paint industry

The services that we offer the paint industry include, analysis, consultancy, including the provision of expert witness testimony, environmental monitoring and testing.

We are passionate about our research as this drives us to improve our services to produce the most efficient results for our consumers. Click here for our future projects.

Why labs are so efficient

There are laboratories that specialise in inks, radiation curing and microbiology that help to develop the paints that are made. All of the laboratories are supplied with specialist UHV viewports. In situations where radiation leaking occurs, a lead glass shielding has been incorporated that will reduce the amount of leakage that occurs. Find out more.

The vacuum viewports can be easily replaced and removed wherever this may be necessary. In addition, you have the option to have a non-magnetic coating – suitable in environments where applications involve strong magnetic fields.

Experienced technicians

The experience that technicians have with paint inks and other surface coatings enables them to assist clients with problems involving plastics, polymers, polishes, adhesives, sealants, putties and mastics.

The services that is typically offered encompass’ the whole life of a product and can be used to investigate:-

  • Suspect raw materials
  • Problems arising during manufacture
  • Defects apparent during application or drying
  • Premature failure in service

Top consultants in the UK

Consultants in this field have extensive experience of all aspects of the paint, ink and surface coating industries.

They can offer confidential and independent advice on matters relating to product selection, manufacture and application. Establishing the reasons for the premature failure of coatings in service forms an important part of our work as does the provision of expert witness testimony. Contact us.

Environmental services

We can monitor VOC and particulate concentrations in the workplace and in emissions to atmosphere. We can also advise on all aspects odour nuisance reduction, waste minimisation and the selection and evaluation of abatement equipment.

Our aim is to assist companies to comply with Safety, Health and Environmental legislation while maintaining or improving process efficiency.

The increasing interest in the subject of Environmentally Friendly Paints has prompted us to devote a page to this topic. This summarises the research, information and technical services available at PRA and also provides links to relevant external sites.

Testing durable products

Evaluating the durability and the anti-corrosive properties of paint is an important part of our work and we are pleased to advise clients regarding the selection of appropriate test methods. We can also assist raw material suppliers by incorporating their products into paints prior to testing. Contact us for our testing services.